Product Pages

First impressions are everything. Product pages are tailored on your website to achieve high results for your products or services. They are also referred to as landing pages, which is where a visitor arrives after clicking a link from a search result or advertising campaign.

Choosing an appropriate way to showcase your products is essential for any e-commerce website, as it can either drive users to buy or click away from your website.

Product pages that succeed

Your product pages will only succeed when all of its elements work together to persuade a visitor to make an action. Many campaigns don’t succeed due to having a poor landing page which is one of the most important aspects to being successful and selling your products or services.

We create natural search engine optimised pages which are keyword rich and result driven, helping you achieve better results in the search engines.

Don’t miss an opportunity by not having optimised product pages

Too many businesses make the mistake of sending their paid advertising campaigns directly to the homepage – this is a huge missed opportunity and a costly mistake. At the heart of any successful campaign or effective search engine optimisation strategy is targeted landing pages, tailored to specific keywords for your products and services.

Some good reasons to have dedicated products pages.

They Work

Robot Sales

You will see an increase in website visitors, sales and enquiries using dedicated product pages

Take Action

Robot Network

It’s easier to persuade visitors to take action if they land on a product page with the information they were searching for

Easy to Optimise

Robot Papers

We can use multiple product page versions to boost performance and find out what really works for your website visitors 

Measure Success

Robot Success

We can monitor visitors, keywords, trends and performance to your product pages and optimise for success