Supporting Kajsiab Project in Laos

In 2014 I volunteered with them for a couple of weeks, the people are fantastic and it’s such a great cause. They practice their English online by responding to people who want to come and stay, help and visit them. Unfortunately they were having to keep topping up their internet dongles as they couldn’t afford broadband. I paid to have broadband set-up and installed for one year – so they could avoid the expense of constant top-ups and be able to communicate better online.

If you’re ever in Laos, pay them a visit, you’ll have a truly fantastic time and be made so welcome.

About the Kajsiab Project

Kajsiab Family is a small grassroots Initiative that that with its unique combination of Hmong and Western perspectives on matters such as education, healthcare and women’s issues is selflessly seeking to improve the lives and health of some of the poorest people in the country.

Kajsiab Family focuses on improving the lives of the mountain people by offering information concerning health and education, trainings and exchange of skills and customs between mountain people and volunteers. Kajsiab seeks to empower the mountain people and works with new ways to earn an income and new skills to remain self sustainable in the mountains.

Kajsiab Family is located in a thickly forested and mountainous area of northern Laos known as the Bokeo province. This is an area surrounded by valleys, rice fields and about 7 to 10 small communities of 200 to 400 people, which belong to ethnic minorities like the Hmong, the Lamet and the Lao Lu.

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