Ethical is Good for Business

Established in 2003, we’ve transformed a lot since our humble beginnings. We’ve made a big change and want to work with positive and ethical people & organisations. We want to work with like-minded people, groups and organisations that are trying to make a difference. Building websites for the greater good and empowering you and your business.

Who is Weblusion?

Weblusion is Mark. You will be surprised by the massive range of services that I offer and what I can achieve; all work is carried out by me from start to end. This means that I get to know you, my client really well, love what you do and really get involved. I am Vegetarian and care about animal welfare and making a positive difference in the world.

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Green & Ethical Business

We minimise our environmental impact on our planet, recycling, using recycled materials and keeping our global footprint to a minimum. Fair to others and our principles run through everything we do, we connect to your audience in an honest and genuine way. We host on a UK dedicated virtual private server (VPS), we’re currently working towards hosting on 100% renewable energy.

Some of the clients i’ve worked for

G2G Communities CIC
Focused on helping the community in North Wales
Results Squared
Connecting schools with parents
Peacock Accountancy
Accounting for social enterprises, charities and communities
Tan Hill Inn
Working towards renewable energy sources
Digital property, new home developments 
UK property portal, featuring homes for sale and rent 

Our ethical standards

We love to work with organisations and people who:

  • wish to make a positive difference in the world
  • work in a responsible way that is not harmful to people, animals and the planet
  • improve quality of life and support people in the community and in the world
  • provide education to the community and in the world
  • promote animal welfare and prevent cruelty to animals
  • working practices are beneficial to the environment
  • employ fair trade methods
  • support local trade
We do not work with organisations and people who:

  • exploit basic human rights
  • damaging our environment
  • use animal testing on products
  • do not employ fair working practices
  • making a negative impact to people, animals and our planet